What is SiBorg ?

SiBorg is a social network focused on podcasts & Twitter Spaces integrating Lens Protocol. It aims to empower content creators by giving them ownership of both their community and the platform. Allowing fans to actively participate in the success of their favorite podcaster by contributing to their visibility and engagement alongside adding a social identity layer so that each fan can be recognized for their true worth.

Is a twitter account required to use SiBorg ?

A twitter account is not mandatory to use the SiBorg app, however, it is highly recommended to have an optimal experience.

Which Networks does SiBorg support ?

As SiBorg is integrating Lens Protocol, the network supported is Polygon.

What happens if I have lost my private key and access to my primary wallet, by misplacing it or by being hacked?

If a user connects solely with their wallet and loses access to it, unfortunately, we cannot offer assistance. However, if the user has signed in using another method, such as Twitter or Google, it is possible to recover their account.

Why SiBorg integrate Lens as a primary Social Graph ?

Lens Protocol is currently the biggest Web3 social graph and the more advanced in terms of features. Moreover, Lens is backed by one of the biggest team in the DeFi Space.

Why do we use a Social Graph based on the blockchain ?

Indeed, we could have utilized social graphs like Nostr or ActivityPub to benefit from open data, data portability, and censorship resistance. However, adoption is more challenging because the majority of users do not primarily join a new social media platform for censorship resistance or data portability; they are attracted by its features and creators. Additionally, integrating a Web3 social graph brings the advantage of Web3 composability, meaning it introduces new governance models based on tokens. It also enables wallet integration, facilitating the use of decentralized identity, and supports other blockchain-based interactions involving tokens and NFTs.

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