Lens Protocol Integration

This project is developed on Lens Protocol, which is itself based on the Polygon blockchain, an EVM Layer-2 that helps scaling Ethereum transactions with lower fees. The use of blockchain for transaction flows is very interesting because it functions like an open ledger, allowing all users to verify where their money is going and to whom, thus addressing the issue of opacity.

Blockchain is also very useful to gamify the user experience. This can be achieved through the financial system we can create within the application, with microtransactions, rewards, and badges that will be in the form of NFTs and therefore owned by the user.

Lens Protocol is a Social Graph meaning that every application created on Lens shares the same user base. Lens is developed by the industry-leading team Avara (previously Aave).

Their integration is a crucial point for us as it enables our users to connect their SiBorg profiles and Lens profiles, unlocking Lens protocol functionnalities. This allows us to integrate this dynamic known as SocialFi, addressing a societal issue surrounding personal data.

Lens Protocol empower users to own their social identity and interactions. The protocol uses NFTs to create on-chain relationships between profiles, followers and posts as a back-end mechanism.

Why aren't we exclusive to Lens ?

Lens is an amazing protocol and we truely believe that It will be used in the next generation of social apps. However, Lens is still in private beta and many potential users do not have a wallet. Therefore, building an app exclusively on Lens is too restrictive in terms of user base for the moment.

In the future, SiBorg may integrate other Social Graphs.

More informations on Lens features

Core features that will be supported by SiBorg include :

Profiles :

Individual addresses can own profile NFTs. The profile includes metadata such as handle and profile picture.

Follows :

Follow someone granted you with a follow NFT. Each of these NFTs has a unique token ID that comes with innate rarity & utility. These unique traits can be used for token gated content.

During a second phase, SIBorg will include other features from Lens.

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