Social Identity

Reputation Level and XP

XP (Experience Points):

They way to earn experience points will evolve regarding the development of the application.

Reputation layer 1 - Twitter/X Activity:

Completing the following actions will grant your XP on both our Genesis Campaign dashboard and upcoming Alpha mobile application.

SiBorg X Account - Interactions: • Follow @siborgapp: 10 XP. • Like: 20 XP. • RT: 20 XP. • Comment: 20 XP. • Post with the #siborg tag: 30 XP. • Referring a fren on the dashboard: 50 XP.

Whitelisted X Accounts - Interactions: • Participate as speaker in the Spaces (host/guest): 20 XP. • Like the Spaces tweet: 10 XP. • RT the Spaces tweet: 10 XP. • Comment the Spaces tweet: 15 XP.

The second layer will focus on in-app activity. We are developing an internal model to track the evolution of a user's experience points (XP) based on their activity within the application. This may include using models like the Messari model, as well as a proprietary model that accounts for various user actions. These actions include purchasing our token, daily connections, the number of spaces listened to, the amount of gifts given to creators, the amount of tokens delegated to creators, and, of course, other interactions that will be added as new features are developed.

Additional layers will be added in the future to address on-chain activity, the DID Protocol, and on-chain credentials.

Composability is key

Our social identity system requires composability, which means that a user's reputation doesn't start from zero when they sign up for our app. This is achieved by prompting users to link their Twitter account during sign-up and also when they connect a wallet. We utilize RSS3 to extract and assess their engagement level on the blockchain. Based on their interactions and engagement on other platforms, the user will receive XP rewards directly.

The bot issue

The prevalence of bot-related issues on social media platforms has become a growing concern in recent years. Bots, automated accounts designed to mimic human behavior, can disrupt the natural flow of conversations and interactions on these platforms. They often flood comment sections, engage in spammy behavior, and can even spread misinformation at an alarming rate. This not only hinders genuine user engagement but also poses significant challenges for platform administrators in maintaining a healthy and authentic online community.

Thanks to blockchain and the reputation mechanism, we are able to detect & reduce bots in the app. Indeed, a user with an important reputation in the app is less likely to be a bot as he interacted a lot with users & podcasters, listened to podcast etc. Moreover, as people can link their twitter account and link their wallet which enables us to create a first reputation layer depending of their activity on Twitter and also on the blockchain thanks to RSS3. Furthermore, people will be able to link their SwissBorg account and by doing so, it proves their unicity.

Finally, we are working with on of our advisor on DID with his solution, Anima. They are working on Decentralized Identity with a proof of identity similar to KYC. But for those who do not want to pass a KYC, they use a Proof of Personhood. Prooving that a user is a real human.

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