Wallet Based Recommendation

In today's world, individuals are inundated with content. With the advent of AI technologies such as Chat GPT and platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Twitter, there's no shortage of information available. What's truly scarce is time and the ability to curate this vast sea of content effectively.

At SiBorg, we believe that in today’s digital landscape, curation is the key to standing out. However, the challenge with curation lies in the fact that it requires a solid educational background, which not everyone has. This is why we are placing our trust in the power of community and collective intelligence.

The initial feature we're developing to align with this vision is the Proof of Support. Additionally, we are working on what we've termed "Wallet Based Recommendation." This feature has the potential to revolutionize content curation by leveraging what users hold in their wallets.


The general idea of this feature is to save people time and help them find alpha in Twitter Spaces by recommending specific content based on what they hold in their wallets.

This feature is currently in the research and development phase, and we are exploring various speech-to-text AI models and additional protocols to enhance content curation. Our goal is to identify specific web3-related tags such as "Ethereum, Borg, Illuvium, Matic," etc., and associate them with precise timestamps indicating when these tags are mentioned. The concept extends beyond merely recommending content that aligns with the interests indicated by users' wallet holdings; it aims to suggest the optimal moment for listening as well.

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