The $SIB Token

SiBorg token

Token Utility :

  • $SIB can be used for governance, enabling users to suggest and vote on alterations or decisions pertaining to the app.

  • Proof of Support usecase : Users can delegate $SIB tokens to podcasters to boost their visibility in the app. In return, users will receive a financial incentive, and creators will earn a share of the in-app revenue, depending on the amount of tokens delegated.

  • The amount of tokens held in a wallet connected to your SiBorg profile will increase your reputation in the app. By doing so, holding SiBorg will also increase the visibility in the app.

  • The token is a social element. It is a proof of belonging to a community. Moreover, holders will have access to exclusive perks.

  • $SIB can be used as utility asset in the app to purchase and to gift content creators. (gifts = tips)

  • $SIB allows you to be financially exposed to the project as we are implementing buy back mechanisms in relation with the inApp generated revenue, therefore establishing a direct relationship between the platform activity and the token price.

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